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Creating Meaningful Events That Celebrate Life®

At Bradshaw Funeral and Cremation Services, we promise to help create an event meaningful to you that acknowledges and celebrates the life of the person who has died and brings healing to the living.

"Celebrating life" means acknowledging the life of the person who died. It means applauding their life and rejoicing in the fact that they lived. A "Meaningful Event" is a memorial or funeral service that touches everyone present with an understanding of who the person was that died and what they lived for. The event brings meaning to people by allowing them to feel how that person touched their lives and it creates something that touches everyone with the gift of that person's life.

A Meaningful Event touches everyone with the gift of the person’s life.

Your loved one had a very special life: he or she had beliefs, dreams, troubles they dealt with, and things they loved that brought them joy. A meaningful event shares those things that were uniquely theirs and allows people to acknowledge and feel your loved one’s life. 

The person who died, had an impact on everyone who attends the service. They had a special gift that everyone felt. It might have been strength, or humor, or stubbornness. Whatever it was, it was a quality that touched people's lives. 

"Celebrating Life" means sharing memories of the person, and how they affected your life 

         — the adventures or quiet moments you shared, 

                          — the ways they inspired you, or 

                                              — the little things they did to make you laugh. 

Memories can be funny, sad, happy, or bittersweet, but they all tell a story about the person. It is important to share those memories because it brings meaning to our life, and to the life of the person who died.

It is important to share memories because… 

it brings meaning to our life, and to the life of the person who died. 

It might be as simple as reading a favorite poem, or playing the person's favorite Dixieland version of "When the Saints go Marching In," Or even telling a joke or funny story they delighted in. For a child, it might be reading their favorite book, or having their most loved toys there. All those things that had meaning to the person who died will give meaning to the service.

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